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Research Ethics Forum: Case Study - How is Potential Scientific Misconduct Handled?

  • WhenMonday, May 15, 12:00 PM

  • Where

    Norris Topping Tower, NTT 4444

  • Speaker(s)

    Alexander Capron, LLB; University Professor, Director of Ethics, SC CTSI, USC Keck School of Medicine

    Jonathan Samet, MD, MS; Director, WD, SC CTSI, Director, USC Institute for Global Health, Professor and Flora L. Thorton Chair of, Department of Preventive Medicine, USC Keck School of Medicine

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The discussion will be based on the March 8, 2017, New York Times Article “Years of Ethics Charges, but Star Researcher Gets a Pass”

In this Forum, we will address:

  1. The lengthy history of allegations of data falsication & scientic misconduct
  2.  Institutional responses
  3. The complexity that research institutions (such as universities) and scientic journals face in investigating and responding to research misconduct.