Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute
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Serving from the Heart Across the Workforce

  • WhenTuesday, May 23, 09:30 AM

  • Where

    Los Angeles Cathedral; 555 W. Temple St., Los Angeles, CA

A one day symposium on the integration of Promotores & CHWs in different settings.

An opportunity to meet and learn from colleagues in the clinic, county, academic and non-profit sectors.

Please consider only sending a maximum of 2-3 representatives from your organization. We would like to have a diverse representation from organizations and sectors. Thank you.

In the afternoon we will be facilitating round table discussion based on the Promotor model workforce priorities listed below:

1. Promotor Model
A social justice model for improving individual and community health and well being. The community transformation model is widely misunderstood.

2. Training & Professional Development
Training and professional development must meet the personal and professional needs of Promotores and the demands of employers and other workforce partners.

3. Core Competencies
Specific skills Promotores need to carry out the transformational aspect of the model.

4. Credentialing & Qualifications
The community transformation model needs an alternative pathway to credentialing that is Promotor-centered and Promotor-controlled and monitored by an entity that understands the workforce and the model.

5. Supervision
Many supervisors are unfamiliar with the community transformation model and need specialized training.

6. Funding and Program Sustainability
Long-term sustainability can be a challenge for the community transformation model. Funding to sustain the model must also support the model's relationship-building activities.