Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute
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SC CTSI Awardees

Fall 2016 Awardees

Dean Coffey, PsyD
Clinical and Community Research Pilot
The Impact of Evidence-Based Parent Training on Pediatric Health Service Utilization

Christina Dieli-Conwright, PhD, CSCS, CET
Clinical and Community Research Pilot
Feasibility of implementing and conducting a 12-week HIIT in BCS during chemotherapy

Jennifer Dien Bard, PhD
Clinical and Community Research Pilot
Prevalence and Risk Factors Associated with Anaerobic Bacteremia in Children

Vinay A. Duddalwar, MD
Clinical and Community Research Pilot
A Novel Radioepigenomics Approach to Discriminate Aggressive from Indolent Renal Cell Carcinoma

Megan Herting
Clinical and Community Research Pilot
Near-roadway air pollution and brain-behavior risk factors for obesity in young adults

Kevin King, MD
Clinical and Community Research Pilot
Time Intensity Curve Analysis in Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Evaluation of EphB4 as a Therapeutic Target in the Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma

Karen Lincoln, MSW, MA, PhD
Clinical and Community Research Pilot
BrainWorks: A Comparative Effectiveness Trial to Examine Text Message-Based Alzheimer’s Disease Education for Community-Dwelling African

Harshawn Malhi, MD
Clinical and Community Research Pilot
Role of quantitative contrast-enhanced ultrasound in yttrium-90 (90Y) radioembolization of hepatocellular carcinoma

Matthew Oberley, MD, PhD
Clinical and Community Research Pilot
Identification of Clinically Actionable Genomic Lesions in Pediatric Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma

Jennifer Unger, PhD
Clinical and Community Research Pilot
Improving patient activation among Hispanic breast cancer patients

Hussein Yassine, MD
Clinical and Community Research Pilot
Functional Connectivity Response to DHA supplementation in ApoE ɛ4 carriers

William Vega, PhD
Research Process and Methods
Fitting local EMS response to multi-need older adults through a community-engaged process

Spring 2014 Awardees

Andrea Kovacs, MD
Research Pilot
The Role of Vitamin D in the Mother-to-Child-Transmission of CMV in Women with HIV

Danieli Salinas, MD
Mentor-based Training Bridge
Beta-Adrenergic Stimulation of Sweat Glands in Infants

Ferol Mennen, PhD
Multidisciplinary Research Project
Bio Markers of Early Childhood Trauma and Changes Through Intervention

Gayla Margolin, PhD
Mobile Health Research Project
"A Day in the Life": Using Mobile Technology to Measure Romantic Partners' Emotions, Vocalizations, and Physiology as Possible Indicators of Dating Aggression

Hossein Jadvar, MD, PhD
Multidisciplinary Research Project
Disintegrin PET of Prostate Cancer

Hussein Yassine, MD
Multidisciplinary Research Project
Effect of Weight Loss on Atherosclerosis in Diabetes

Jill McNitt-Gray, PhD
Research Pilot
Integrating Clinical Guidelines and Model Simulation Results to Personalize Interventions

Joyce Javier, MD, MPH
Mentor-based Training Bridge
A Community-Based Randomized Trial to Increase Participation of Immigrants in Evidence-Based Parenting Interventions

Laura Perin, PhD
Novel Methods and Technology
Podocyte Progenitors Derived from Human Amniotic Fluid: Applications for Drug Screening

Leidy Isenalumhe, MD
Under-represented Faculty
The Pharmocokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Vincristine in the Adolescent and Young Adult Population

Omid Akbari, PhD
Multidisciplinary Research Project
The Role of Tolerogenic Plasmocytoid Dendritic Cells in Airway Hyperreactivity

Robert Chow, MD, PhD
Multidisciplinary Research Project
Photovoltaic Nanoswitches for Next-Generation Artificial Retina

Sarah-Jeanne Salvy, PhD
Community-Based Health Intervention
Translating Obesity Prevention into a Home Visitation Program

Simon Gayther, PhD
Research Pilot
Functional Analysis of UCA1, a Long-Non Coding RNA Implicated in Development and Prognosis in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

Susan Sigward, PhD
Research Pilot
Effects of Gait Training on Knee Loading Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Terence Sanger, MD, PhD
Research Pilot
Augmented Sensory Feedback to Improve Selective Motor Control During Gait in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Veronica Setiawan, PhD
Research Pilot
Impact of Race/Ethnicity and Comorbidity on Endometrial Cancer Survivorship

Fall 2013 Awardees

Denise Al Alam, PhD
Surgery; Developmental Biology and Regenerative Medicine
The role of Fibroblast Growth Factor 10 (FGF10) in necrotizing enterocolitis

Hooman Allayee, PhD
Preventive Medicine
A Novel Genetics Platform for the Dissection of Complex Traits

Stefanie Bodison, OTD, OTR/L, C/NDT
Occupational Therapy
Investigation of the Neural Mechanisms of Sensorimotor Integration in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Nyam-Osor Chimge, PhD
Optimizing Therapy for RUNX1-defective Breast Cancer

Chuanqing Ding, MD, PhD
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Development and characterization of a rapamycin-based eye drop for the treatment of autoimmune-mediated dry eye

Charles Gomer, PhD
Pediatrics; Radiation Oncology
Targeting Survivin to Improve Retinoblastoma Therapy

Michael Goran, PhD
Preventive Medicine
Ethnic differences in adipose tissue inflammation

Erick Guerrero, PhD
Social Work
Leadership Intervention to Improve the Translation and Implementation of Culturally Responsive Evidence-Based Practices

Benjamin Henwood, PhD, LCSW
Social Work
Piloting ecological momentary assessment with adults who have mental illness

Eve Kelland, PhD, BSc
Modulation of clinical disease course in models of Multiple Sclerosis following treatment with the angiotensin peptide A(1-7).

Eric Kezirian, MD, MPH
Drug-Induced Sleep Endoscopy and Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Eunjung Lee, PhD
Preventive Medicine
A feasibility study to implement etiologic Alzheimer’s disease research in the California Teachers Study cohort

Rika Meyer, PhD
A Comparative Effectiveness Trial of Acupuncture and Massage in Children and Adolescents with Chronic Pain

Barbara Sargent, PhD
Biokinesiology & Physical Therapy
Development and Validity of an In-home Infant Kicking Activated Mobile

Ram Kumar Subramanyan, MD, PhD
Surgery; Cardio Thoracic Surgery
Modulation of delta-like ligand-4 signaling improves recovery from myocardial ischemia

Henry Sucov, PhD
Cell & Neurobiology; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Broad CIRM Center
Functional Variation in Adult Heart Regeneration

Glenn Takata, MD
Identifying Risk Factors for Harm in Children on Invasive Home Medical Therapies

Richard Watanabe, PhD
Preventive Medicine; Physiology & Biophysics
Beyond GWAS - Exploring Options for FUnctional Studies in the Genetics Diabetes

Spring 2013 Awardees

Bing, Bai, PhD
Fully Automated Quantitative Adiposity Analysis Using MicroCT in Mouse Models

Ruchi Bajpai, BS, MS, PhD
Craniofacial Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Epigenetic profile based identification of regulatory circuitry to determine diagnostic and prognostic targets in Neuroblastomas

N. Tess Boley Cruz, PhD
Preventive Medicine
Comparison of a print fotonovela vs an audiovisual novela to reduce obesity risk in Latino families in Los Angeles

Todd Chang, MD
A validation study for simulting capillary refill in a mass-casualty simulation: a fesibility analysis

Preet Chaudhary, MD, PhD
Targeting Myc in KSHV-associated malignancies

Myles Cockburn, PhD
Preventive Medicine, Spatial Sciences
Reducing Sun Exposure Behaviors in High-Risk Melanoma Patients

Daryl Davies, PhD
Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Repositioning Ivermectin for the Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders/First in Human Studies

Christina Dieli-Conwright, PhD
Biokinesiology & Physical Therapy
Effect of Exercise on Adipose Tissue Macrophages in Obese Breast Cancer Survivors

Muller Fabbri, MD
Pediatrics, Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
MicroRNAs secreted by Tumor Associated Macrophages and resistance in Neuroblastoma

Tara Gruenewald, PhD
Gerontology, Psychology
A Pilot Feasibility Assessment of the Art Through the Ages Intergenerational Activity Intervention

Florence Hofman, PhD
Pathology, Neurological Surgery
Regulation of Glioma Cancer Stem Cells by the Tumor Vasculature

Justin Ichida, PhD
Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine
Anton Valouev, PhD
Preventive Medicine
Systematic Identification of ALS-causing mutations using the TISON assay

Grace Kung, MD
Pediatrics, Cardiovascular Medicine
Post-Operative Troponin LEvels in INfants Undergoing Cardiac Surgery

Ite Laird-Offringa, PhD
Surgery, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Norris Cancer Comprehensive Center
Molecular Profiling to Identify Predictors of Response and Mechanisms of Relapse in Small Cell Lung Cancer

Gangning Liang, PhD
Simultaneous evaluation of chromatin accesibility and DNA methylation in renal cell carcinoma by a newly developed assay, AcceSssible

Sonia Michail, MD
Pediatrics, Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
The effect of therapeutic fecal transplant on the gut microbiome in children with ulcerative colitis

Joel Milam, PhD
Preventive Medicine
The impact of terminating a 20-year old cohort study among women living with HIV

John Monterosso, PhD
Psychology, Neurosciences
Neural correlates of impulsive and restrained eating decisions in obese and lean participants

Krishna Nayak, PhD
Electrical Engineering Systems, Biomedical Engineeering
Improved DCE Neuro-MRI using Constrained Reconstruction

Takeshi Saito, MD, PhD
Medicine, Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Hepatocytic zonality that defines outcome of hepatitis C virus infection

George Salem, BS, MS, PhD
Physical Therapy
Quantifying Muscle and Bone Changes in the Foot and Leg Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Alex Wong, MD
Surgery, Plastic Surgery
ProL1 as a biomarker for venous congestion of tissue flaps

Hussein Yassine, MD
Structure and Function of Apolipoprotein A I in Diabetes

Jang Youn, PhD
Physiology & Biophysics
Defensins as Novel Therapuetics for Type 2 Diabetes

Fall 2012 Awardees

Omid Akbari, Ph.D
Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Nicotine agonist as a novel therapy for the lung inflammatory diseases

Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati, PhD
Preventive Medicine / Sociology / IHPDPR
It’s Time-The Tamale Lesson: Transforming Cervical Cancer Education for Latinas with Low Literacy

John Briere, PhD
Psychiatry & The Behavioral Sciences / Psychology
A Brief Intervention  to Reduce PTSD in Acutely Burned Hospital Patients

Jeremy Goldbach, PhD
Social Work
Pilot Testing of the Familia Adalente - Revised

Benjamin Henwood, PhD
Social Work
Developing capacity to investigate how the built environment affects health disparities for persons living in permanent supportive housing

Michael Jakowec, Ph.D
Neurology / Biokinesiology & Physical Therapy
Neuroplasticity in the Brain Circuitry Controlling Cognitive and Motor Behavior: A New Therapeutic target for Parkinson’s Disease.

W. Martin Kast, PhD
Molecular Microbiology & Immunology / OB/GYN
Evaluation of Sp17 as a biomarker for detection of early stage ovarian cancer

Robert Ladner, PhD
Pathology / Norris Cancer Hospital
Development and validation of a novel high throughput diagnostic platform for quantitating deoxynucleotide triphosphates

Meng Law, MD
High Resolution MR Permeability and Perfusion Vasoreactivity in the Medial Temporal Lobe as an Early Preclinical Biomarker of Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease

Changhan Lee, PhD
Evaluation of the novel mitochondria-derived peptide MOTS 3 for type 2 diabetes treatment

Zibo Li, Ph.D
Development of targeted drug-delivery vehicle based on crosslinked multilamellar liposome (CML)

William Magee, MD
Surgery, CHLA
Tissue engineered auricle for ear reconstruction

Nicos Petasis, PhD
Anti-inflammatory Lipids as Therapeutics for Colon Cancer

E. Todd Schroeder, PhD
Biokinesiology & Physical Therapy
Testosterone Administration and ACL Reconstruction in Men

Donna Spruijt-Metz, PhD
Preventive Medicine
Active NAO! Combating childhood obesity with robot companions

Clay Wang, Ph.D
Pharmaceutical Sciences / Chemistry
Fermentation Facility to support sustainable drug production and translation

Annie Wong-Beringer, PharmD
Antibiotic Modulation of Staphylococcal Virulence Expression and Its Impact on Disease Severity in Murine Model of Infection

John Wood, MD, PhD
Pediatrics / Radiology, CHLA
Oxygen Contrast Imaging of Cerebrovascular Insufficiency

Tishya Wren, PhD
Orthopaedics / Radiology / Biomedical Engineering
Application of Strength-Dexterity Technology to Assess Pediatric Hand Function

John Zhong, PhD
Molecular Characterization of Single Circulating Tumor Cells in Breast Cancer

Spring 2012 Awardees

Sanjay Arora, M.D.
Emergency Room
Qualitative analysis of a text-message based intervention for inner-city patients with diabetes

Yaniv Bar-Cohen, M.D.
Ramen Chmait, M.D.
Pediatrics, CHLA
Development of a Rechargeable Battery System for a Fetal Micropacemaker

John Brekke, Ph.D.
Social Work
Community Mental Health Practice Based Research Network

Julio Camarero, Ph.D.
Pharmaceutical Sciences / Chemistry
High throughput screening of novel ultrastable peptide scaffolds targeting CXCR4 as HIV therapeutics

Lucio Comai, Ph.D.
Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Development of small molecule therapeutics with optimized blood-brain barrier permeability for DM1

Susan Enguidanos, Ph.D.
Pilot Study of Remote Monitoring for Identifying Palliative Care Needs among Seriously Ill Patients

Alan Epstein, M.D., Ph.D.
Pathology - Laboratory
Development of Anti-LHR Antibody for the Immunotherapy of Prostate Cancer

Sue Ingles, Dr. P.H.
Preventive Medicine / OB/GYN
Cell-free RNA in maternal serum as a placental biomarker

Michael Jakowec, Ph.D.
USC Program in Neuroplasticity and Repair; Translational Medicine Collaboration Retreat

Michele Kipke, Ph.D.
Pediatrics, CHLA
Assessing the Acceptability and Feasibility of Biomedical HIV Prevention Methods among African American Young Men Who have Sex with Men

Jason Kutch, Ph.D.
Biokinesiology & Physical Therapy
Integrating electromyography and sonographic imaging for evidence-based physical therapy for chronic pelvic pain

Ralf Langen, Ph.D.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology / Zikha - Neurogenetics
The Role of Negatively Charged Lipids in Diabetic Amyloid Cytotoxicity

Eunjung Lee, Ph.D.
Preventive Medicine
Establish a perspective cohort study from a series of population controls

Yvonne Lin-Liu, M.S., M.D.
OB/GYN / Oncology
Evaluation of epigenetic drugs as potential therapeutic agents for ARID1A-deficient ovarian clear cell carcinoma (OCCC)

Brett Lund, Ph.D.
Exercise Intervention in the Early Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

John MacKay, Ph.D.
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Preclinical evaluation of sustained-release disintegrins for cancer therapy

Kathleen Page, M.D.
Intrauterine Exposure to Diabetes and Metabolic Defects in Hispanic Offspring

Anne Peters, M.D.
Diabetes, CHLA
Impact of Menu Labeling on Adolescents

Michael Selsted, M.D., Ph.D.
Design and Preclinical Testing of Novel Macrocyclic TACE inhibitors

William Stohl, M.D.
Validation of cathepsin S as a tear biomarker for Sjögren’s syndrome

Dorian Traube, Ph.D.
Social Work
Validation of Two Child Welfare Mental Health Screening Tools (MHST)

Carolee Winstein, Ph.D., PT, FAPTA
Physical Therapy
Developing Point-of-Care Mobility (PoCM) Monitoring System Technologies