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Services for Community Members

Provided by Los Angeles Community Engagement Core (LA-CERC)

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We can help communities and clinical organizations transform health-related needs into promising research projects. If you have identified a physical or mental-health need in your community or organization, we can provide assistance through:

Training and Technical Assistance Workshops – We can help you learn to work with an academic research partner, a necessary first step for creating healthcare solutions.  A trained researcher can help transform your identified need into a competitive research proposal.

That proposal then can be submitted to agencies that offer research funding. Once funding is secured, those dollars will be used to support the medical researchers, facilities and other resources necessary to address your community’s health need.

We offer:

  • Ongoing workshops in which you’ll learn to be a full partner in research development and implementation.  These workshops are offered at USC’s University Park campus downtown, at the USC Health Sciences campus in East LA, at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in Hollywood, and at community locations Please contact our program assistant for the next available dates.
  • Opportunity for individual training and technical consultations with you, other concerned community members, or your organization’s leadership

One-on-One Consultations for Community Members – We can work with you develop a research idea, and move that idea forward, throughout the research process. For example, we can guide you on:

  • Determining your project needs
  • Considering the appropriate research design, meeting the right CTSI Partner organizations, and learning to recruit the right potential participants
  • Considering the appropriate research design, meeting the right CTSI Partner organizations, and learning to recruit the right potential participants
  • Receiving study approval from a government agency known as the Institutional Review Board (IRB), which oversees protection for research participants. We can advise on navigating these boards, preparing IRB applications and receiving referrals to community IRBs
  • Making the most of other SC CTSI services that may be helpful to your research

Community Matchmaking Services – Learn to find experts and faculty collaborators based on your needs and their expertise. Are you:

  • Part of a clinic, advocacy group, school, community or faith-based organization, or other agency seeking an academic research partner? Whether you’re an employee, volunteer or member, our Community Liaison can help your group think through its healthcare needs and identify potential research partners
  • Interested in mental health? Our Research Navigator for the LA County Department of Mental Health may be able to help.
  • Interested in partnering with physicians, nurses or other healthcare workers? Our Research Navigators at Kaiser Permanente or the Community Clinic Association of Los Angeles County are a great place to start