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SC CTSI provides a variety of free consultation services, with an option to purchase additional services on a recharge basis. Services marked with a red bar below are free for the entire consultation period.


Bioinformatics support services are available through:

Biostatistics Request Consultation >>

Completion of services related to statistical analysis and scientific writing is approx. 2 – 5 weeks.

  • Addressing statistical aspects of study design
  • Selecting best study type (case-control, cohort, trial, etc)
  • Defining a sampling strategy
  • Estimating sample size and power
  • Developing statistical analysis plans
  • Choosing database platforms
  • Preparing data for analysis
  • Analyzing existing data
  • Interpreting data and results
  • Preparing manuscripts and grants (e.g., statistical methods and results)
  • Responding to reviewers
  • Other biostatistical issues

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Clinical Research InformaticsRequest Consultation >>

CRI assists investigators with access to and use of informatics tools and data that integrate USC’s clinical research with delivery of care across Keck Medicine of USC, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Los Angeles Department of Health Services, and partners in federated research networks.

Community-Engaged ResearchRequest Consultation >>

  • Finding the right academic or community partner
  • Designing community-based studies
  • Integrating community into research design and planning
  • Conducting community-engaged research
  • Preparing and submitting IRB applications for community-based studies
  • Recruiting participants for clinical and community-based studies
  • Other community-engaged research issues

Digital ScholarshipRequest Consultation >>

Utilize digital approaches and online communications (digital, social, mobile) in novel ways to achieve your research and career goals:
  • Developing clinical study recruitment strategies (digital, social, mobile)
  • Disseminating research results broadly
  • Establishing a web presence to build your reputation, e.g., attract collaborators and study participants.
  • Using crowdfunding platforms to obtain seed funding
  • Managing IRB approval
  • Electronic consent
  • Managing your online reputation (i.e., responding to negative feedback/reviews online)
  • Using novel metrics and tools to measure Digital Scholarship activities, including this type of data in academic performance review
  • Other Digital Scholarship issues

Human StudiesRequest Consultation >>

A single point of access to advice and assistance for developing, activating, conducting and reporting clinical research studies and clinical trials

Design Your Study

  • Navigate research landscape
  • Find collaborators and engage communities in research
  • Access biostatistics and data management support
  • Develop a regulatory plan
  • Develop a recruitment plan

Obtain Funding

  • Identify funding opportunities
  • Prepare a Research Proposal
  • Review SC CTSI feasibility and scientific review policies

Activate Your Study

  • Get regulatory approvals
  • Enter a study in OnCore
  • Set up data collection and management
  • Find research cores
  • Obtain study staff
  • Monitor activation progress
  • Set up in

Conduct Your Study

  • Access data from EMRs
  • Use the Clinical Trials Unit
  • Get help with recruitment
  • Get help with monitoring and audits
  • Use OnCore to track your study
  • Access data management tools
  • Access ancillary services

Analyze Data and Disseminate Results

  • Get help with data analysis
  • Disseminate your findings

Managing Data in REDCapRequest Consultation >>

Assistance to help streamline data collection and analysis, including:

  • Choosing database platforms
  • General data management issues
  • Preparing data for analysis
  • Using electronic data capture tools (i.e. REDCap)

Pilot FundingRequest Consultation >>

  • Find research funding
  • Tips on writing a proposal
  • Submit an application
  • Participate as a pilot funding reviewer

Regulatory KnowledgeRequest Consultation >>

  • Preparing and submitting IRBs
  • Developing amendments and continuing reviews of IRBs
  • Preparing and submitting regulatory documents to study sponsors
  • Conducting clinical research studies
  • Accessing Institutional Protocol Registration System Administrator for
  • Coordinating between study sponsors, the IRB and research teams regarding regulatory matters
  • Other regulatory issues

Research EthicsRequest Consultation >>

Guidance on how to anticipate and respond to ethical issues in grant applications, IRB review, study execution and the publication of results:

  • Addressing general research ethics aspects of research projects (research integrity, etc.)
  • Designing research projects (clinical equipoise, obligations to community, etc.)
  • Reviewing study’s potential ethical or social implications (sensitive topics, etc.)
  • Applying research ethics rules (special populations, consent, etc.)
  • Constructing data monitoring activities for clinical trials
  • Addressing ethical issues arising within research team (conflicts of interest, etc.
  • Other research ethics issues

Research Team BuildingRequest Consultation >>

  • Finding research collaborators
  • Forming or joining a translational team
  • Identifying funding opportunities
  • Developing a funding strategy
  • Other team building issues