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  • SC CTSI Launches Digital Scholar Webinar Series

    The training series introduces health researchers to digital science approaches.

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  • Promoting Data Literacy Skills Among Students and Scholars in the Health Sciences

    SC CTSI’s latest Digital Scholar workshops provide hands-on experience with social media data analysis and infographics.

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  • SC CTSI Launches Clinical Trials Expert Finder at USC

    Finding USC researchers with active clinical trials has never been easier.

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  • mHealth Collaboratory Seminar Hosts Developer of PACO Smartphone Experiment Platform

    Researchers learn about a software tool that enables non-programmers to quickly prototype and run mobile health studies.

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  • SC CTSI to Offer Data-Driven Workshop on Using Social Media and Infographics

    Join us for a special workshop in collaboration with the popular healthcare social media consultancy Symplur.

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  • SC CTSI to hold Launching Event for Crowdfunding Campaign

    Join us to learn how crowdfunding can work for a research project, and to support this important mHealth study.

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  • Mobile Technology Expert Noam Ziv Discusses Process and Pitfalls of Innovation at USC Mobile Health

    Product developers must overcome obstacles like changing technologies, the needs of investors and consumer demands.

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  • SC CTSI Teams Up with Symplur to Introduce Researchers to the Power of Social Media Data

    Scientists learn how popular social media platforms can serve as near-limitless sources of data for study of human health.

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  • SC CTSI Gets Help from Experiment to Teach Scientists at USC and CHLA New Skills in Crowdfunding

    SC CTSI initiative introduces researchers to novel online approaches to raise funds and increase the visibility of their research.

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  • SC CTSI Improves REDCap Resource for Database Collection and Management

    SC CTSI recently upgraded to REDCap version 6.1.4 which comes with a number of new features and improvements.

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