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  • The SC CTSI Is Seeking Applications for New Team Building Award

    The award will provide rapid funding for activities that promote the SC CTSI's goal of assembling new multidisciplinary teams focused on clinical and community research.

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  • SC CTSI-Supported Study Helps Overweight Women Get in Shape After Chemotherapy

    A study led by the Women’s Health and Exercise Laboratory at USC helps overweight women get in shape after chemotherapy.

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  • SC CTSI-Supported Research Shows That Calorie Restriction May Reduce Multiple Scleorosis Symptoms

    Previous studies indicated that similar diets could fight cancer and reduce the signs of aging.

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  • $8.4M grant funds new HIV study at CHLA targeting high risk groups

    Research aims to improve HIV care and prevention among young men of color.

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  • SC CTSI-Supported Researchers Create Higher Resolutions of the Brain

    Two researchers are developing new MRI protocols to get better images of tumors.

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  • SC CTSI-Supported Research Finds a Better Way to Straighten Teeth

    ComfortCorrect claims to straighten crooked teeth better and more comfortably than traditional braces.

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  • NCATS to Issue CTSA Program Funding Opportunities

    New funding opportunities will be issued in early 2015.

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  • Maximizing the Impact of CTSA-Funded Research Protocols

    This guidance will help ensure that ethical and scientific standards are upheld for CTSA-funded protocols.

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  • SC CTSI-Supported Research Finds that Aging Brain Issues are Linked to Dementia

    Image analysis suggests a breakdown in the brain’s memory can be detected before cognitive loss begins.

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  • SC CTSI Gets Help from Experiment to Teach Scientists at USC and CHLA New Skills in Crowdfunding

    SC CTSI initiative introduces researchers to novel online approaches to raise funds and increase the visibility of their research.

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