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  • SC CTSI-Supported Study Shows 1 in 5 children in the U.S. Enter School Overweight or Obese

    As National Childhood Obesity Month begins, USC experts talk healthy habits and explain how sugar intake and diet affect the brain.

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  • SC CTSI-Supported Research Takes Aim at Reducing Misuse of Emergency Medical Services in LA

    SC CTSI-supported researcher collaborates with the Los Angeles Fire Department to improve the city’s Emergency Medical Services.

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  • People with Mental Illness Help Others in the Same Situation

    A new model of care could improve the physical health and extend the lives of people with mental illness, who typically die 25 years earlier than the general population.

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  • The SC CTSI Is Seeking Applications for New Team Building Award

    The award will provide rapid funding for activities that promote the SC CTSI's goal of assembling new multidisciplinary teams focused on clinical and community research.

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  • SC CTSI-Supported Study Helps Overweight Women Get in Shape After Chemotherapy

    A study led by the Women’s Health and Exercise Laboratory at USC helps overweight women get in shape after chemotherapy.

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  • SC CTSI Research Scholar is Developing New Ways to Lessen Trauma for Kids Undergoing Chemotherapy

    A USC occupational scientist is extending her previous research with children with autism spectrum disorder to identify mechanisms to manage stress and pain during medical procedures.

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  • Study Shows How Managers at Health Care Organizations Drive Innovation

    Usually it's doctors, nurses and therapists who get the credit for delivering the most innovative practices in health care. But a USC researcher says one group has been largely overlooked: the leaders at health care organizations who manage change and improve standards of care day in and day out.

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  • SC CTSI-Supported Research Shows That Calorie Restriction May Reduce Multiple Scleorosis Symptoms

    Previous studies indicated that similar diets could fight cancer and reduce the signs of aging.

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  • SC CTSI-Supported Researcher studies potential treatment for lymphoma in HIV patients

    Rare disease research has become a priority, says the medical school’s chief of hematology and blood diseases.

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  • SC CTSI-Supported Bilingual campaign urges screenings for cervical cancer

    The health message aims to raise awareness among Hispanic women.

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