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iStar Training Videos

Video tutorials show researchers how to use iStar, USC's online IRB (Institutional Review Board) application system.

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About this Resource

Viewers of the five tutorials learn how to access and complete applications within iStar (IRB Submission, Tracking, and Review system.) IRB applications are required for biomedical and behavioral research. Lecturers from USC's Office for the Protection of Research (OPRS), which administers iStar, cover the entire application process, from account creation and development of new applications, to tracking applications as they are routed for review. Each major section within iStar is covered, including project identification and study collaborators, privacy and confidentiality, risk/benefit analysis, and conflict of interest reporting. An overview of iStar workflow and submission status reporting is presented.

Course Syllabus/Topics

  • iStar Introduction: Homepage, Registration, and Navigation
  • Project Identification and Abstract
  • Study Personnel and Collaborators from other Institutions
  • Department Approvals
  • Reporting Research Objectives and Background
  • Special Subject Populations: Vulnerable subjects
  • Participant Privacy/Confidentiality, HIPAA Authorization and Waivers
  • Risk/Benefit Assessment
  • Conflict of interest
  • Workflow / Submission Status

Recommended background

  • ISTAR Video Companion Glossary available at: