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Clinical Research Support Services

General inquiries regarding clinical research support:

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Study coordinators and research nurses:

Experienced fee-for-service clinical research coordinators who provide study-related services ranging from regulatory document preparation, participant recruitment, data collection and entry, and study monitoring. Available in an effort or hourly based model.

Advantages to using our CRS Study Coordinator services:

  • Flexibility: Instead of committing to permanent staff, departments can hire our Study Coordinators for short-term needs. Our Study Coordinators can be hired part time to cover for projects that do not require full FTE.
  • Availability: Our Study Coordinators can be available immediately, saving the department the time and effort needed for job posting, recruiting and hiring permanent staff, which can take at least 2-3 months.
  • High quality: Our Study Coordinators are well trained, have the appropriate credentials, and are experienced with the USC clinical research environment and regulatory procedures. They are adaptable and experienced in different disciplines.
  • No administrative hassle: All HR, management and credentialing requirements are handled and maintained by the Clinical Research Support team.

Recharge model options:

  • Effort: This is the most frequently used model. There is a minimum commitment of 30% effort and a 6-month timeframe required for this effort-based option.
  • Hourly: This is the less frequently used option. The hourly rate option does not require a minimum commitment and is primarily for very short-term needs (e.g. covering for Study Coordinators out on leave). Investigators will only pay for the hours worked (This does not include vacation or sick leave).

For more information about hiring qualified study coordinators and about rates, please contact CRS Program Manager Nicki Karimipour, 323-442-1280.

Angelisha Lilly, RPSGT
Clinical Research Coordinator II

Amarjit Dass, MSGM
Clinical Research Coordinator II

Esther Lim, MPH
Clinical Research Coordinator I

Brian Seo, BA
Clinical Research Coordinator I

Research nurses: Research nurses are available through our Clinical Trials Unit. For more information about research nurses, please contact Yolanda Gutierrez, Assistant Director for Clinical Operations of the Clinical Trials Unit, 323-865-3056.

Recruitment support:

Obtain customized recruitment strategies that fit your study’s needs, timeline, and budget. The Recruitment Specialist can provide recruitment and retention strategies using traditional methods (flyers, TV, radio) and innovative tools (online advertising, social media, etc.). She can help with customized strategies to engage special populations in research, in-house design of advertising materials, creation of targeted social media posts for your study, assistance with template language for IRB applications, and hands-on training for study’s social media manager(s).

  • Free initial consultation
  • Additional free recruitment support available
  • Pilot/K/Assistant Professor: up to 15 free hours annually
  • Associate Professor/Professor: up to 10 free hours annually
  • Overtime rates apply for studies requiring off-hour support

Nicki Karimipour, PhD

Budgeting and contracts:

The CTSI Clinical Trials Support Manager provides guidance on preparation of study budgets and potential sources of funding, and is available to assist with investigator-initiated research. She is available to provide consultations on budget preparation. Please e-mail her to set up a meeting.

Joanne Pak
Clinical Trials Support Manager


Regulatory Support:

The International Center for Regulatory Science at USC provides regulatory knowledge support through training, education, and consulting. We provide free online training modules to help the clinical research coordinators conduct clinical trials in compliance with complex regulatory requirements. In addition, the Center hosts a one-day Clinical Trials Bootcamp session each semester to provide continuing education to clinical research personnel working in academia and industry. If you need regulatory guidance for your project, our consulting services, provided by expert faculty, can advise and support faculty with new grants, start-up companies, regulatory strategies, IDE applications, and IND applications. We can also assist investigators with their clinical trial auditing and monitoring needs.  

Eunjoo Pacifici, PharmD, PhD
Associate Director, Graduate Programs
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy
International Center for Regulatory Science

C. Benson Kuo, PhD, RAC
Associate Director, Consulting Center
International Center for Regulatory Science

Amelia Spinrad
Regulatory Knowledge Support Specialist

Consultation information


Clinical Trials Units


Supports complex, high-risk trials and provides ad hoc services such as blood sample acquisition and processing.

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We ensure the highest quality in study design and conduct. Having modern infrastructure, well trained and supervised research staff, quality control processes, and experienced laboratory staff, we provide an ideal environment for the successful administration of human studies. Quality, efficiency, and compliance with local and federal regulations are amongst our core principles. Make us part of your research team as early as possible, even before having a final or approved protocol. Our goal is to be of service and facilitate research trials, so give us a call and we’ll get you started! View the chargemaster for more details >>

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  • State-of-the-art space for the conduct of early phase (drug development) and complex mechanistic trials
    • Outpatient and Inpatient research space
    • Research-trained staff, including research nurses, study coordinators, phlebotomists, radiology technician
    • Specimen processing and handling laboratory on site
    • Dexa scan, EKG, infusion equipment, serial pK and pD sample procurement and processing, neurologic and bionutrition evaluations, metabolic testing
    • Select and tailored assay development and performance
    • Secure and limited access investigational product storage area
    • Convenient and complimentary parking for research participants

Investigator Resources

  • Letter of support and preliminary budget for CTU-related services for grant applications
  • Design and feasibility consultation meetings
    • Meeting includes representation from CTU staff, clinical research expert(s), biostatistics, and informatics
    • Aim is to provide assistance with study design, feasibility and operational assessment, and protocol development
  • Data Safety and Monitoring Plan development assistance
  • Networking opportunities
  • Limited study coordinator and data management services for junior investigators or investigators with limited departmental resources

View Examples of CTU Usage by Investigators

  • Study participants present to CTU on specific days, for serial pK and pD sample procurement, or serial safety evaluations
  • Complete study conduct at CTU, including assistance with subject recruitment, eligibility work-up, study enrollment, serial visits, and completion of Case Report Forms
  • Processing of biospecimens obtained from research participants outside the CTU

Contact Us

(323) 865-3056(323) 361-8685


Participant Recruitment

Provides expertise, tools, and resources to develop recruitment strategies, including strategies to engage special populations in research.

Biostatistics and Study Design

Supports study design, data collection and management, and data analysis.  Request a consultation.

Regulatory Support

Assists with developing regulatory strategies for FDA approval (such as IND/IDE applications), monitoring and reporting study progress and data quality.

For more information on any of these services, contact the Regulatory Knowledge Support Specialist, Amelia Spinrad

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