Ernesto Sosa

Ernesto Sosa, MSW, MPH

Evaluation specialist, Community Engagement, Evaluation & Improvement


As an evaluation specialist for the Community Engagement (CE) core, Mr. Sosa is responsible for managing, analyzing, and reporting on CE community and research project related data. He also assists in data collection during community workshops led by the CE’s research ambassadors. As part of the Evaluation and Improvement team, Mr. Sosa helps with data management and quality control on an institute wide level, to help monitor SC CTSI’s accomplishments and keep the institute moving towards the goals set by the national CTSA program.   

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Professional Background

Mr. Sosa has worked primarily in research and advocacy roles as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin, and as a graduate student at the University of Washington. His work has focused on addressing socioeconomic and health disparities through community based research and policy advocacy. Prior to joining SC CTSI, he worked as a research consultant for the University of Washington’s Health Promotion Research Center on a project aimed at addressing Colorectal Cancer disparities across Washington State. 


Playing soccer, cooking, hiking, snowboarding, watching standup comedy. 

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