Shaun Hicks

Shaun Hicks, BS, MBA

Non-Clinical Integration Analyst, Evaluation & Improvement


Mr. Hicks analyzes, develops, and implements new software applications, and enhances functionality of existing applications. As an Integration Analyst, his work is focused on enhancing the capabilities of a centralized data repository to ease the use of multiple large data sets.

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Professional Background

Shaun is an innovative business and technology strategist, driving exponential increases in cost-effectiveness and productivity, simplifying highly complex processes through optimization and automation, and strengthening the efficiency and synchronization of global supply chains throughout the world. Prior to working for the SC-CTSI, has held various positions at a small call center software development company, a large test and measurement equipment company, and a large high-performance automotive component manufacturing company.


Cars, Motorcycles, Travel, food, electronics, technology, business, finance.

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