Service description

Support for digital projects with a clear focus on digital communication to assist investigators with clinical and community research projects. This may include but is not limited to: phone texting applications to help facilitate data collection or study participant recruitment by doing X or Y, website and blog development, implementation of measurement tools such as Google Analytics or ClickMeter, social media applications, related content development.

Benefit for users

This service helps research teams to develop, implement and use digital methodologies to benefit their research. Hiring and managing a technology group or developer is costly and typically not feasible for most investigators. This service addresses this need. PIs and research teams can leverage the service to strengthen their proposals by incorporating the development of digital projects and showcasing that they have access to the required research environment and resources to implement the proposed digital aspects and technology project.

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  • Free initial consultation up to 1 hour
  • Additional free recruitment support available for:
    • Pilot/K/Assistant Professor: up to 15 free hours annually
    • Associate Professor/Professor: up to 10 free hours annually
  • Overtime rates apply for studies requiring off-hour support
  • General fee of $75/hour

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