Regulatory Science Symposium: Emerging Technologies/Treatments Session 6: Cutting Edge Technologies and Humanitarian Devices (2017)

In this series, we will discuss regulatory considerations for conducting clinical trials in the era of emerging technologies and treatments.

Course Syllabus/Topics

Regulatory Pathways for Class III Medical Devices:

  • IDE – PMA
  • HUD – HDE – IRB
  • Custom Device

A Rare But Fatal Problem: Fetal Heart Block:

  • Cause severe fetal bradycardia
  • Can progress to hydrops fetalis
  • No effective treatment other than early delivery
  • Approximately 250 cases per year in USA

Minimally Invasive Fetal Pacemaker and its challeges:

  • Implantation
  • Pacing
  • Survival such as motion, integrity, charging, etc.

Fabrication and Deployment of a Minimally Invasive Fetal Pacemaker:

  • Animation demonstration
  • Details of electronics
  • Charging and monitoring system explained

Current Cardiac Pacing Challenges:

  • Adult Pacing – Intravascular Lead
  • Pediatric Pacing – Epicardial Lead


Accompanying text created by Yelin (David) Hu | Regulatory Science Student Worker |

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