Regulatory Science Symposium: Diversity in Clinical Trials in the Time of COVID-19 Session 8: Wrap-Up

Course Syllabus/Topics

1. Survey: Plain Language Usage Among Regulatory Professionals
a. Complete survey for an undergraduate researcher
b. Also complete post-attendee survey
2. Resources
a. Research Report available for download
b. CISCRP Research Reports available for download
3. Thank you!
a. Questions?
i. Besides asking about the needs of the patient group, how can we ask them to lean in and get more involved and help? they may have more ideas to make it easier
4. Wrap-up discussion
a. We have to get to know the people!


Accompanying text created by Annie Ly|Graduate Student, Regulatory Science, USC School of Pharmacy


Eunjoo Pacifici, PharmD, PhD
Chair and Associate Professor of Regulatory and Quality Sciences Associate Director, D. K. Kim International Center for Regulatory Science

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