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Community Engaged Research

Collaborative partnerships offer substantial benefits for both researchers and the Southern California metropolis we serve. For researchers and communities, engaged research can:

  • Speed discovery of innovative solutions to pressing, difficult community health problems.
  • Speed translation of research into meaningful health improvements – in our neighborhoods, Los Angeles overall, Southern California and other densely populated areas worldwide.
  • Boost relevance of research questions, data and programs by creating and implementing them jointly with individuals and communities directly affected by a disease.
  • Help researchers understand not only what a community’s health needs are, but what medical resources and other assets are available – or lacking.
  • Help researchers understand the sustainability, dissemination, replication, and policy impact of
    their work.
  • Offer a learning opportunity for everyone involved.
  • Researchers may be more able to recognize a community’s most urgent health needs, and to better understand how certain policies affect individuals and families.
  • Community members may be more supportive of a research effort when they fully understand, and are thoughtfully engaged with, its goals, processes and implications.


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