Qualitative Research Support

Price: Starts at $125/hour

Providing expertise in designing and conducting qualitative research

University of Southern California (USC)
Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA)
Goal: Get Help with Biostatistics and Research Design
Phase: Design A Study
Phase: Conduct A Study

Service description

The SC CTSI has expertise in designing and conducting qualitative research including development of discussion guides, focus group facilitation, interviews, codebook design and analytical techniques. These techniques can be valuable in conducting formative research to explore a specific issue or to provide greater context to your work.

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The timeline for completing our work is contingent on receiving the data from the investigator in a timely manner and appropriate format. Consulting with a biostatistician at the study design or data acquisition phase is highly recommended. We will try our best to accommodate any time constraints you may have, but please understand that we are working on multiple projects with their own deadlines. General guidelines for the time needed are as follows:

Benefits for users

Obtain expert guidance on how to plan, design, implement and evaluate your research project using qualitative methodology.


The first hour of consultation is free. The cost per hour thereafter is $125/hour.

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NIH Funding Acknowledgment: Important - All publications resulting from the utilization of SC CTSI resources are required to credit the SC CTSI grant by including the NIH funding acknowledgment and must comply with the NIH Public Access Policy.