OVERVIEW: With special CTSA funding, we have initiated an innovative Community Reviewer Training Program across a consortium of five CTSA sites: the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, the Ohio State University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and the University of California, Irvine. The program engages community representatives to increase their knowledge of the research process so that they may participate in grant review to enhance the rigor and impact of CTSA-funded pilot grant applications.

GOALS: To create a cadre of community members who can bring a community perspective to the peer review of CTSA research projects.

CURRENT ACTIVITIES: All five of the participating sites have incorporated the community reviewer training program into their CTSA pilot funding mechanisms. Across the consortium, more than 40 community members completed the CRTP training. They demonstrated a significant increase in knowledge and confidence about research and the scientific review process. Subsequently, 29 participated in CTSA pilot grant reviews. We are now conducting a formal evaluation on the impact of the program on the grant review process. 

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Leslie Aguilar
Program Specialist, Research Development

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