OVERVIEW: The Georgia Clinical and Translational Science Alliance (Georgia CTSA) and the University of Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute (SC -CTSI) are collaborating on a new educational venture called Empowering Purposeful Advancement of Careers and Training (EMPACT) program.  EMPACT program is geared toward clinical research professionals at every stage of their professional development. Course offerings are free and available to clinical research professionals, including principle investigators. These courses and programs are created and vetted by experts in cross-disciplinary fields such as instructional design, technology, workforce development, regulatory science, clinical and translational science and operations.

The idea for the Empowering Purposeful Advancement of Careers and Training (EMPACT) program was born out of a need for education and support for the entire clinical and translational research workforce, beyond formally trained faculty, trainees and fellows. 

GOALS: To understand education and training needs of clinical and translational research professionals and to develop robust curriculum offerings to address those needs, leveraging materials from across the CTSA consortium.

CURRENT STATUS: The course catalog is live. Click here to access. New courses are added monthly, and users have the opportunity to earn badges, contact hours for professional organizations, and continuing education credits.

Questions about the initiative

Karen Manrique
Project Administrator, Regulatory Knowledge Support

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