Antonio Perez Navarro

Antonio Perez Navarro, PhD

Professor Agregat IT, Multimedia and Telecommunications Department, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

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Professional Background

The research activity focuses on:

  • Positioning and navigation in indoor environments without any added infrastructure. Signals of opportunity such as Wi-Fi are used, together with the fingerprinting technique or magnetic fields. This positioning line is combined with route creation and management on real maps in the ICSO group.
  • Use of smartphones for disease prevention. This is done preferably through the use of context-based messages with supervision by the health authorities. Geofencing techniques and gamification mechanisms are used to provide the context.
  • Teaching physics, principally in online environments. He worked on the use of video as a support for teaching physics, and prior to that, he worked on the use of mathematical language in online environments. His current open line is related with using tools of synchronous communication in the classroom.

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