Gordon Wimpress

Gordon D Wimpress, BS, BA

Project Administrator, Media Content and Production


Gordon Wimpress works with the Regulatory Knowledge Support core producing educational modules and materials that help expand expertise in regulatory and quality sciences in the clinical research workforce, and administering the Learning Management System for online hosting of courses, modules, and resources. He hosts, edits, and posts recordings of live symposia for SC CTSI’s video library. For the Workforce Development core Mr. Wimpress produces video, audio, and graphical content educational materials, workshops, and presentations to help expand SC CTSI’s impact on the USC research community. Mr. Wimpress also works with the Communications core to produce media supporting event and service promotion, PR campaigns, and SC CTSI researcher initiatives. He also assists with the management of the website and the Educational Resource Center.

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Professional Background

Mr. Wimpress originally earned a dual bachelor’s degree in Television Production and Advertising. He worked in broadcasting and was the director of media for a state agency in Texas. He continued his education and received another bachelor’s degree in Film Composition, which included lots of audio production, while also working as a video editor at the school. He has previously worked in the film industry, as well as a video editor and A/V Director. Mr. Wimpress joined USC in 2012 as the Learning Environments Technical Supervisor within the School of Pharmacy.


Mr. Wimpress is a guitar player and composer, having written music for film and TV, as well as performed in the band for live musicals in Hollywood. He has enjoyed playing in original music groups, released recordings, and live-streamed concerts. He is also a digital abstract artist with his art displayed in homes, art shows, and on his personal online gallery. He enjoys hiking and the outdoors.

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