Rosalba Cain

Rosalba Cain

Research Ambassador, Community Engagement


In her role as a research ambassador Rosalba works directly with the involved with the communities surrounding USC and CHLA.  She provides education and information to empower under served communities to be more involved in their health.  Her educational workshops help to remove the barriers that many communities face in deciding whether to participate in a research study through promoting health and scientific literacy among Latino communities.  Rosalba use popular education techniques to empower vulnerable communities to promote well-being and development for the achievement of individual and collective goals.

Contact Information
(818) 579-1322

Professional Background

Rosalba has been involved in community activism for over 20 years. She has worked on health promotion projects that focus on a variety of issues including: diabetes prevention and management, cancer prevention, geriatric mental and physical improvement for aging populations, as well as occupational and physical therapy/rehabilitation. She combines a mix of professional and compassionate involvement to improve the quality of life for the underprivileged, vulnerable communities particularly communities of color.


Outside of work, Rosalba enjoys hiking, power walks by the beach, movies and spending time with family.

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