Apurva Uniyal

Apurva Uniyal, MA, MS

Project Administrator, Regulatory Knowledge Support (RKS)


Ms. Uniyal supports the RKS core group within the SC CTSI, which is dedicated to improving the quality of clinical trials conducted in academia through innovative approaches to education and training.  Ms. Uniyal is the team lead for content development, production and launch of online self-study modules (clinical research monitoring, auditing, and FDA site readiness). In addition, she manages the Regulatory Science Research Team, including developing a project curriculum, guiding proposals to secure funding for research projects and student fellowships, and contributing on the development of abstracts, posters and manuscripts for publication.  Ms. Uniyal spearheads the popular day-long symposia, on current regulatory topics in clinical and translational science, designed to address the needs of clinical research team members. Content of the symposia is further developed and submitted to support the catalog of training and educational offerings for the STELLAR program in partnership with Georgia CTSA. 

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Professional Background

Ms. Uniyal’s professional career includes extensive work as a clinical researcher for research projects involving multiple sexually transmitted infections (HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV), and tuberculosis within Preventive Medicine at Keck School of Medicine and the County of Los Angeles Sexually Transmitted Diseases Program typically involving diverse populations. Ms. Uniyal’s strong interest in working with disadvantaged communities has guided her professional development so that in her different roles (line staff, counselor, translator, program manager, researcher) she had worked with a broad spectrum of marginalized populations (HIV and AIDS patients, men who have sex with men, transgender, battered women, recent immigrants, high schoolers, incarcerated adults and youth), often in underrepresented or economically disadvantaged communities. As a Research Director/Program Manager and in collaboration with large teams of researchers working on NIH, CDC and industry-sponsored clinical trials, Ms. Uniyal is experienced and has collaborated on designing, developing and administering all aspects of multiple research projects (e.g. staffing, IRB liaison, regulatory requirements, protection for research subjects including vulnerable populations, and budgeting). Ms. Uniyal has fostered partnerships that bring public policy to the forefront while navigating different institutions such as Los Angeles County Public Health STD clinics, Juvenile Halls and Camps, County Men’s Central Jail, Los Angeles Unified School District schools, USC 5P21 Rand Schrader Clinic, Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Ms. Uniyal holds a Master of Science in Regulatory Science from the University of Southern California, a Master of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from the University of Minnesota.


Ms. Uniyal is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys Pilates, running, and hiking in the California’s High Sierra region and Nevada mountain ranges.

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