Sep 14 2023
Let's add a custom search bar on the front page that gives results only from the regulatory portal, not the entire site.  Could be a Google search (would have Google branding on it), or built by Clearfire, the website contractor we use.
Do we need an FAQ?  What about a tutorial on how to use the site?

Sep 12 2023
New images of page tree structure.

Links to sections:
Front page
What is my medical product?
Feedback form

Fall 2023
Lots of new pages, made from Drugs and Devices documents.

April 25 2023
Made a new site tree structure with new pages, using Annie's document as a blueprint.  I have moved old pages into another branch. 
Added updated structure graphic to this page.

April 1 2023
Added return links to new pages.
Checked all pages for errors from migrating to new platform.

Mar 7 2023 - Add links to FDA & glossaries to Glossary page.  Also add "Go to top" links. Add email field to Feedback form Made Resources page - grab resources from Modules?

Links to add: - which page? - added to Drugs page - which page?

Make it user friendly & narrative.

Can use elements & structure from Eunjoo & Susan's textbook for content.

New pages:

Mar 3 2023 - Re-named Feedback page to "Tell what you think!". Renamed Glossary page "Glossary of Terms used in Regulatory Science". Deleted Survey page.

Created survey form in Formstack.  Embedded form onto Survey page.

Copy/pasted Terms from Monitoring and Auditing modules onto Glossary page. Made contents link to each alphabetic section for easy navigation.

Formstack can also do dropdown menus.  Would that be useful for this portal? 

Feb 13 2023 - Glossary, Feedback/Survey pages created.  No content yet.  May be able to copy glossaries from past symposia.  Links added to portal front page as well.

Feb 6 2023 - new sections created:  Biologics, Dietary Supplements, Cosmetics. Here are links to the pages, but no content in them yet.

Also put links to these sections on Portal front page.  They need graphics and formatting still. Ideas for what the photos or graphics could be welcomed!

Nov 18 2022 - Added photos to each page.  Tightened up some of the formatting.

 - Intro text on front page needed. Updated links needed on several pages.  Missing articles.

 - Should there be Previous and Next buttons to take you through the whole structure?  DONE.  Next page and back to front page links added

 - We need a page for other regulatory programs or services.  I think a student researcher is working on this?

 - Should we put a button at the bottom of each page to ask for consultation service?  Something like "Need more info?  Ask for a consultation"?  Or is just the consultation services page enough? Consult page is enough.

Most of what is currently on these pages is copy-and-pasted from our old consultation site, with some updated links.  Any link not present was one that didn’t work and we couldn’t find an updated version.  Please double-check that all the links on each page work.  I'm sure some of the info is out-of-date. 

(Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the structure of the portal pages.)

All comments welcome, including any graphics or images suggestions or other formatting ideas.

Front page:
egulatory Consultation Services:

Devices sub pages

Drugs sub pages:

Current page structure as of Sep 12 2023:

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