The Community Advisory Member Registry
The Community Engagement team at the Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute invites you to enroll in our contact list of individuals who are interested in helping to shape current and future research. By clicking on the link below, we will ask you to provide contact information and share some brief information about yourself to help us match you with an appropriate research topic. You are welcome to remove your information from this registry at any time.

What’s a patient or community advisory board?
An advisory board is a group of individuals that usually share some common experience (e.g., neighborhood, health diagnosis, age group, etc.) that meet to discuss a research study with the people in charge of carrying out the research. The advisory group provides feedback to the researcher on how they plan to carry out their research activities.

Why do researchers use advisory boards?
Many researchers assemble community or patient advisory groups to give them feedback on how their research. Some topics they may want to hear from people about include how/where to recruit research volunteers, how an individual may feel about a research topic, where research activities should occur, what an appropriate time commitment is, and other subjects specific to their research project.

Involving community members in this process is an important way to make sure that research is carried out effectively and that scientists have a more well-rounded perspective of how their research may impact the people who volunteer in their studies.

If you would like to be contacted to participate in an advisory board, please take 5 minutes to fill out our brief form.

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