CDSS - Preparing to Speak with an NIH Program Officer About Your Grant Application

March 28, 2019 : 3:00pm - 5:00pm at Harkness Auditorium

This seminar describes how to effectively communicate with an NIH Program Officer which is critical during the entire application cycle.


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Event Details

Learning Objectives:

• Evaluate which areas are of interest to each institute prior to contacting a program officer
• Describe skills to effectively interact with an NIH program officer during the pre-application period.
• Identify best practices to solicit feedback from your NIH program officer following a study section review.

FREE Seminar for MCD-CTS Scholars (required as part of training program), faculty, post-docs, fellows, residents, and students who are welcome to attend!


Contact Information

Workforce Development: wd@sc-ctsi.org(323) 442-8281

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