The proposed project will develop a leadership intervention and manual for administrators of substance abuse treatment (SAT) programs located in ethnic minority communities. The goal is to improve leadership knowledge and skills to facilitate implementation of evidence-based substance abuse treatment: psychosocial contingency management treatment (CMT) and pharmacotherapy, or medication-assisted treatment (MAT). The proposed study will draw on the latest research on leadership and organizational change to develop a leadership strategy to support the absorptive capacity of programs to translate and implement evidence-based treatments by developing an intervention and an intervention manual with feedback on feasibility and acceptability from an advisory group.

The proposed intervention would accomplish two objectives: (1) increase the capacity of leaders to deliver culturally responsive CMT and MAT, and (2) increase organizational capacity to effectively translate and implement EBPs. Insights derived from the proposed research, in conjunction with multidisciplinary collaboration, will demonstrate significant potential for future contributions to translational and implementation science, as well as to organizational capacity models applied to real-world community care providers serving low-income minority populations.

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