The main objective of this proposal is to develop a multidisciplinary collaboration among CHLA Pain Management providers and community-based researchers from Casa de Esperanza, and extend the invitation to Los Angeles community organizations focused on violence in Latino communities, and community pediatric health care providers. The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to submit grant proposals that aim to design and implement a comprehensive
approach to the management of children victims of violence who are also experiencing invalidating pain symptoms.

The following are specific objectives and rationale for the present proposal:
1) To conduct a multidisciplinary seminar on pediatric pain and exposure to violence. The main objective of the seminar will be to provide a platform to discuss current empirical data and issues regarding exposure to violence in youth and chronic pain.
2) Hold a research convening with participants to identify critical gaps in care, develop research questions and explore grant opportunities. Clinicians from CHLA and Casa De Esperanza will facilitate the convening.

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