The primary objective of this multidisciplinary group will be to generate evidence-based guidelines for opioid prescribing in children after surgery. This group will host a two-day face-to-face meeting which will primarily consist of discussing each guideline item, voting on guideline wording and scope, and guideline revision if necessary. The meeting will include an experienced AGREE II guideline facilitator, a recorder and an observer who will not take part in voting. Each group will present a summary of evidence for their given topic and present a possible guideline statement. The PI will be the lead in representing the multidisciplinary group from fields of pediatric surgery, anesthesia, addiction science, nursing, and surgical residency in navigating guideline creation for opioid prescribing in children after surgery. The group is unique in that it also includes patient and parent advocates and will engage healthcare professionals from all over the country caring for children who require surgery.

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