This project is designed to broaden the fruitful work started by the CP Foundation and expanded by EI3 to improve primary care provider knowledge and standardize best practices in care across DHS. This will be accomplished through addressing 3 aims, each with corresponding metrics: (1) Systemwide evidence-based education to primary care providers on early identification and intervention and benefits of referrals to the right place, for the right child, and at the right time, (2) Reducing Practice Variability and Streamlining Workflow to Increase Early Identification of CP at all 3 DHS hospitals; Olive View UCLA Medical Center, LA General Medical Center, and Harbor UCLA Medical Center and (3) Increase screening for Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) in High Risk Infant Follow up and Referral to Existing state-funded programs (such as CCS and Regional Centers) and the newly funded Enhanced Care Management (ECM) program to support children and families.

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