Multidisciplinary Pilot Grant Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the committee define a “new relationship”? Would having a previous publication with the co-PI make me ineligible for the Multidisciplinary Pilot Grant Program?
  2. The Multidisciplinary Pilot Grants are intended to support newly formed, multidisciplinary teams that will lead to larger extramurally funded studies.

    This does not exclude investigators who have previously worked together but is intended to support the formation of new teams of investigators to pursue a new area of investigation. As long as you’re not submitting for a pilot to fund work you've already been doing together, this could be a new team with new work. It is recommended that the proposal clearly states how this is a new multidisciplinary team of investigators performing a new area of investigation.

  3. Can the 2 multi-PIs be composed of a faculty/fellow pair (from different departments)?
  4. No, all PIs must be full-time faculty members at USC or CHLA as of the date of the LOI submission.

  5. Are the department chair letters for the MPIs protected effort of 30% required with the full application or with the LOI?
  6. The letter(s) of support from the department chair can be submitted with the full application and is not required for the LOI.

  7. If I submitted a letter of intent (LOI) for the Pilot Grant Program but didn’t get accepted (i.e. didn’t move forward to submit a final proposal), can I submit a new LOI with the scientific scope changed but on the same patient population?
  8. Yes, this is acceptable. While resubmissions of prior CTSI applications are not allowed, we do accept new applications of proposals that incorporate changes to the scientific scope.

  9. If my title is not faculty at USC, what role am I eligible for within a CTSI Pilot Program application?
  10. You would be eligible as a Co-Investigator because a PI must hold a full-time faculty appointment.

  11. Do all PIs need to be USC faculty or is it sufficient if only one is?
  12. For the Multidisciplinary Pilot Program, all PIs must be full-time faculty members at USC or CHLA as of the date of the LOI submission (September 22, 2023). Any members of the collaborating team who are not full-time faculty members at USC or CHLA are eligible to be Co-Investigators on the project.

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