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Latino and African American children tend to receive diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) on average 1.4 years later than White/Caucasian children.  This manual was developed with the intent to address access the disparities and access to care for ASD and other developmental delays among Latino children in Los Angeles, California. The resource was developed using a community-engaged approach.  The first draft was informed by parent focus groups and adapted from the “Developmental Milestones and the Warning Signs of Autism Promotora Training Guide” developed by the Organization of Autism Research (OAR).  We would like to thank the OAR leadership for sharing their training guide and allowing us to adapt it for our specific population and community needs.

The manual is comprised of 7 lessons, 2 of which are designed for Promotores only and 5 are designed to be taught to parents in community settings.  The following lessons are included in the manual:

  1. Promotor Introductory Lesson
  2. Introductory Lesson
  3. Lesson 1: Developmental Delays
  4. Lesson 2: Developmental Milestones
  5. Lesson 3: Advocacy
  6. Lesson 4: Linkage to Services
  7. Promotor Outreach Lesson 

To access this resource, please contact the SC CTSI Community Engagement team.

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