Service description

Experienced fee-for-service clinical research coordinators for hire who provide study-related services ranging from regulatory document preparation, participant recruitment, data collection and entry, and study monitoring. Available in an effort or hourly based model.

Benefits for users

  • Flexibility: Instead of committing to permanent staff, departments can hire our Study Coordinators for short-term needs. Our Study Coordinators can be hired part time to cover for projects that do not require full FTE.
  • Availability: In most cases, our Study Coordinators can be available immediately, saving the department the time and effort needed for job posting, recruiting and hiring permanent staff, which can take at least 2-3 months.
  • High quality: Our Study Coordinators are effective and well trained, have the appropriate credentials, and are experienced with the USC clinical research environment and regulatory procedures. They are adaptable and experienced in different disciplines.
  • No administrative hassle: All HR, management and credentialing requirements are handled and maintained by the Clinical Research Support team.

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Balancing standard of care and protocol-specific requirements in order to provide and ensure the highest level of care.

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Tooltip: Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

USC’s Clinical Trial Management System, OnCore, is a jointly sponsored, web-based software system for managing clinical trials.

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This tool will help you determine where to go to activate your clinical research study at USC.

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