Service description

Translational research can raise unique ethics questions, and understanding those concerns is crucial for safe and successful conduct of translational projects. SC CTSI provides research ethics support to help investigators, research team members, and clinicians anticipate, identify, and respond to relevant ethical issues and adopt and share best practices. If the consultation is of a sensitive or urgent nature, please contact Workforce Development directly via phone for the purpose of maintaining confidentiality. All consultations are provided by Sabrina Derrington, MD, MA, HEC-C, Director of Research Ethics at the SC CTSI.

Examples of supported topics

  • Advice regarding design of research projects (e.g., clinical equipoise, obligations to community)
  • Application of research ethics rules (e.g., special populations, consent)
  • Advice on constructing data monitoring activities for clinical trials when needed
  • Help with ethical issues arising within research team (e.g., conflicts of interest, authorship)
  • Review of a study’s potential ethical or social implications (e.g., sensitive topics)

Benefits for users

By addressing research ethics concerns quickly or before a research study starts, this service can help to ensure that research activities are conducted in accordance with strict ethical principles and in compliance with regulatory policies.

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Jeanne Dzekov McKean
Program Manager

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