Promotora Instructional Video

This video demonstrates promotora training techniques, focusing on lesson 1 of "Su Corazón, Su Vida," and associated research protocol.

About this Resource

This Spanish-language video is addressed to researchers developing community-engaged health interventions involving promotoras - community members trained to serve as health educators and service navigators. It demonstrates how videos can be an additional training aid for promotoras who are being introduced to techniques in clinical research and evidence-based interventions. Lecturers focus on concepts in the first session of "Su Corazon, Su Vida," a heart-health educational curriculum tailored to Latinos, and review step-by-step research protocol and data collection tools that are integral to evidence-based promotora programs.

Course Syllabus/Topics

  • Su Corazón, Su Vida: Session 1
  • Materials and Preparation
  • Pretest for Session 1
  • Data Collection and Coding for Promotoras
  • Heart-health Education for Promotoras


No. In addition to K Scholars, this course is open to faculty, clinicians, community health workers, fellows, post-docs, TL1 and F trainees, as well as medical, OT/PT, pharmacy and other students who intend to conduct  community-engaged health intervention research.


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