OVERVIEW: High-quality educational materials is a cornerstone of the SC CTSI workforce development. We have recently established a centralized Education Resource Center (ERC) to provide state-of-the-art learning initiatives, and support overall education program development, administration, and evaluation.

GOALS: To apply state-of-the-art educational approaches to curriculum design and learning assessment to maximize quality and retention for all audiences. 

CURRENT AND PLANNED ACTIVITIES: Dr. Guevara has recently joined the SC CTSI to direct the ERC. She is an experienced educator certified in instructional design with many years of curriculum development experience around the world. Under Guevara's leadership, the ERC will create and share best practice standards for instructional design that cover development of syllabi and presentation materials, use of learning management systems, and development of student and course assessments aligned with objectives. Dr. Guevara has provided 83 unique consultations since July 2020. Program offerings and outcomes will be shared locally, regionally and within the CTSA community via courses, webinars, presentations and publications.

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Katherine Guevara
Associate Director of Clinical and Translational Research Education Programs

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