OVERVIEW: Data management is a critical component of clinical and translational research. REDCap has been developed by the CTSA Consortium as a highly-flexible data capture tool for clinical research. The SC CTSI supports REDCap through our Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design (BERD) and our Clinical Research Informatics (CRI) cores. A cornerstone of their support are hands-on workshops on the use of REDCap to design and implement electronic data capture tools such as study questionnaires and other instruments. 

GOALS: To train users on best practices for using REDCap and how to build a database.

CURRENT STATUS: To date, more than 300 attendees have participated in REDCap workshops at USC and CHLA, with high user's satisfaction. The next workshop is scheduled for October 2020 at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Due to COVID-19, workshops have been converted into an online format in consultation with SC CTSI's new Education Resource Center. SC CTSI is also implementing the enhanced mobile version of REDCap, MyCap, which will enable researchers to capture patient reported outcomes via mobile devices. 

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Nisa Lam
Administrative Assistant

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