OVERVIEW: There is a lack of qualified clinical research professionals skilled in clinical trial regulatory management in the academic setting. In addition, professional training courses are costly and/or require institutional affiliation. The SC CTSI's Regulatory Knowledge and Support (RKS) core created a series of free, online, self-study modules to address this deficit in regulatory knowledge and training. These high-quality modules employ a multifaceted approach including educational videos, case studies, interactive quizzes, and provision of core regulatory document templates such as standard operating procedures and review checklists. These modules are designed to educate learners with fundamental and practical knowledge of clinical research auditing, monitoring, and FDA site visit readiness, with an emphasis on investigator-initiated trials. 

GOALS: To create a pool of clinical research professionals who are skilled in regulatory quality management for clinical research in academic settings.

CURRENT AND PLANNED ACTIVITIES: The “monitoring” module is freely available for public access. The self-study module launched in 2018,  contains 27 lessons and 13 resource tools is implemented across USC and CHLA and has been viewed more than 17,000 times across 23 countries.  The second module, “Auditing of Clinical Trial Site” is scheduled for launch in September 2021. The final module on site readiness for inspections is planned for development in 2022. 
For access to the monitoring module and more information about upcoming modules, click here.

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Annie Ly
Project Administrator, Regulatory Knowledge Support

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