The Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute is accepting applications from research teams previously awarded an SC CTSI Team building grant who 1) can demonstrate significant progress on the original award and 2) wish to sustain or expand their activities.  The award is for up to $5,000 per team.  Submitted proposals will be reviewed within a few weeks, and the mechanism is intended to provide rapid funding for activities that will continue to enhance the success of these teams.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

Conference/workshops/seminars/brainstorming meetings/grant development and submission: Highest priority will be given to topics and formats that are focused on recruiting new collaborators or strengthening the existing collaborations for the Team Building grant funded teams.  

Disseminate the collaborative work directly derived from activities supported by the previous team building grant funding: Funding can be used for publications or travel to present in scientific meetings.  Publications and abstracts which include participating community members as co-authors and/or presenters are highly recommended.

For all proposals, a clear description of the unique contributions of team members, any existing collaborative relationships between the team members, and the organization of the team is required. 


  • Teams must have received a previous team building grant
  • Teams must have demonstrated a multidisciplinary composition and focus, with the ability to document progress in working together to pursue a specific research objective
  • Teams must have timeline for pursuit of an extramural funding opportunity

Award Conditions

  • Participation in SC CTSI team building training encompassing principles and practicalities. The 1 hr-training will include reviewing the team’s past team activities and evaluating the effectiveness of team collaboration. SC CTSI team building staff will facilitate this training during the launch meeting with all key team members.
  • Allow the SC CTSI to learn with your team.  CTSI is interested in understanding best practices of team building in biomedical research.  CTSI team building program staff may request to observe the activities of your team in action as observers to better understand the effectiveness of the team building activities.   

Pre-submission Consultation

A Pre-submission consultation with SC CTSI Team Building Grant Program staff is required. This consultation will enable you to focus your renewal proposal and to understand some of the unique features of this voucher mechanism.  The SC CTSI Team Building Grant staff can rapidly determine whether the proposed aims will meet the objectives of this renewal funding mechanism. If requested, the SC CTSI Team building grant staff will work with you to develop a complete activity plan to achieve your team building goals.


One renewal for up to $5000 is allowable for teams that have demonstrated a multidisciplinary composition and a commitment to work together toward a specific research goal. A clear description of how the second cycle of funding will lead to submission of an extramural funding application, or improve the competitiveness of a submitted application, is required. Examples of possible activities include, but are not limited to, recruiting community members to participate in the study research design (e.g., focus groups); inclusion of participants from other CTSA hubs; attending and presenting the project at the annual Association for Clinical and Translational Science (ACTS) or Science of Team Science annual meetings;  and supporting publication fees for open access journals for papers documenting team progress. 



  • Arial font, 11pt
  • Margins: minimum 0.5 inch
  • No appendices
  • Include page numbers and table of contents


Please include one PDF file including the following information:

  1. Research Proposal (maximum 2 pages)
    • Team Details and Progress including an overview of the existing team, its research goal and progress made in the previous award
    • Objectives including a rationale for how the event or activity will advance the team’s objectives, which must address the submission of applications to secure long term funding from extramural sources
    • Activity Details available including the proposed schedule of activities, timeline, and external participants including speakers and venue (if applicable and note if confirmed)
    • Future Directions of the proposed work
  2. Budget ($5,000 maximum) Use the Required PHS 398 Budget Form, Page 4 or download the budget form HERE.  Award expenditures must comply with the NIH Grants Policy Statement and the Uniform Guidance OMB A-81. Indirect costs are not allowed, including sub-contracts funded by SC CTSI pilot awards. Cost sharing and attempts to raise funds from other sources are encouraged.
  3. Budget Justification Justify all costs fully. Provide detailed information for all requested items.
  4. OPTIONAL 3-min video pitch. A lay summary about the team-building goal and progress and reason for additional funding. 


Rolling application, funding available for successful applications within 4 weeks.

NIH Funding Acknowledgment: Important - All publications resulting from the utilization of SC CTSI resources are required to credit the SC CTSI grant by including the NIH funding acknowledgment and must comply with the NIH Public Access Policy.