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Research by CHLA Pediatric Hospitalist Seeks to Sharpen Clinical Guidelines for Children with Respiratory Infections Related to Tracheostomy

Children with tracheostomy are at high risk for infections of the airway and lungs, which can lead to frequent hospitalization, overuse of antibiotics, and other problems. Christopher J. Russell, MD, MS, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at CHLA, investigates better ways to improve health outcomes for this understudied patient population.

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Making Sense of Big Data: USC Biostatistician Helps Lead Research to Identify Increased Stroke Risk in Aortic Repair Surgeries

Li Ding, MD, MPH, a biostatistician at the SC CTSI, worked on a retrospective analysis of thousands of patients whose outcomes were recorded in a national patient registry. The study could help vascular surgeons better protect patients from the risk of stroke during endovascular aortic repair procedures.

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Building Bridges: A Unique Collaboration Between Academic and Public Institutions Helps Advance the Field of Translational Science

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USC/CHLA Investigator Develops Improved Method to Enable Earlier Assessments of Lung Health for Babies with a Positive Newborn Screening for Cystic Fibrosis

A new class of drugs has the potential to add years of robust health for children with cystic fibrosis—if administered at the right time. The noninvasive, improved method established by Danieli B. Salinas, MD, can spot early signs of lung disease in newborn babies to guide diagnosis and care.

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SC CTSI Leverages Unique Proximity to Hollywood Entertainment Industry to Include Health and Clinical Research Storylines in Popular Television Programs

The SC CTSI has joined forces with Hollywood, Health & Society, which is a health communications program based at the USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center, to consult with the writers and creators of popular television shows and movies about how to integrate content about health and clinical research into their storylines. After just three years, the initiative has paired USC scientists with producers of dozens of shows to tell important stories about health and clinical research that affect all Americans.

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Saving Limbs and Lives: USC Investigator Assembles Novel Triage and Treatment Team to Prevent Amputation among Diabetes Patients

The Southern California Clinical and Translational Science Institute (SC CTSI) championed a pilot study to develop a multidisciplinary "hot foot line" team. The team is designed to rapidly assess and treat diabetic patients with foot ulcers to preserve limbs and prevent amputation.

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CHLA and SC CTSI Develop Interactive Virtual Robot Character to Boost Participation of Diverse Populations in Clinical Research

Kids and adults at Children's Hospital Los Angeles will be able to engage with "Zippy" the virtual research navigator to learn the basics about clinical research and why it's so vitally important for people from every population group to participate.

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USC Clinical Researcher Gives Online and Social Media Study Recruitment a Try — and it Changes Everything

James Finley, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy, got recruitment help from the SC CTSI's Digital Innovation and Communication group for his study of balance and risk of falls in post-stroke patients. Using new techniques to connect with potential participants online, the Digital Innovation team enabled Finley to increase study enrollment by 250 percent and to meet his accrual target in two months.

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