All projects created after 05/18/2018 must be created in the Keck HIPAA compliant instance located here.

For Non-USC and CHLA users:

  • Go to the USC Federated Guest Registration page (click here), select "Social Providers”"
  • Select from a list of social account providers (Facebook, Google, Twitter or Yahoo!). Select one and log in using existing credentials for that site.
  • In addition to filling in basic demographic information, you will be asked to choose an ID. Once finished, click Register. 
  • Once registered, you will receive an email with subject "USC Account Registration". Once received, you will be able to log in to REDCap using your social account. 
  • If access still fails after receiving this email, please contact SC CTSI at

Errors or Problems:

  • Click here to view the FAQs for information about obtaining IRB approval for data requests, i2b2, and other informatics questions BEFORE sending an email for help.
  • Contact us:

If you were using Protect Network in the past, you need to switch to Social Providers.

USC Faculty/Students/Staff

Log in using your USC username and password. The username is the part before the '@' in your email address ( USC usernames do not use 

Errors or Problems:

  • If you are still having issues email us at
  • If you are a USC resident physician and have an email address ending in, Email us (, include your full name and USC username
  • Forgot your USC password? Call ITS Customer Support at 213-740-5555
  • Don't know your USC username and login? Visit the USC Firstlogin form

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REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a free, secure, web-based application designed for rapidly developing databases and surveys for research studies.

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