Many informatics resources exist to support clinical and translational research. Use this table to determine the right one for your needs.

I am a... I am currently... I need a data resource to... These are the tools and data for me:
Clinical Investigator Designing and developing patient cohorts and computable phenotypes Characterize patient populations and clinical patterns
Designing a study, analyzing feasibility, developing preliminary results for proposals Iteratively search patient data to test feasibility of study parameters
Looking for/ forming collaborations for multicenter studies Identify trial sites with eligible patients
Recruiting or prescreening patients at DHS, CHLA, and/or Keck Request re-identified patient info with IRB approval
Conducting a chart abstraction study or patient registry Request re-identified patient info with IRB approval
Conducting translational/ mechanistic studies Explore potential clinical cohorts in real time
Health Economist/Public Health/Outcomes Researcher Conducting or planning large-scale data analyses Integrate harmonized data from dozens of international health systems

Many tools offer the same functionality with minor differences in query results and major differences in user interface. Results depend on the size and type of health system network that contributes data to the tool, in addition to the tool’s specific algorithms. View detailed comparison of site count, patient population here.

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