Career Development Seminar Series: Academic Industry Clinical Collaboration - Best Practices

​This 60-minute session uses real-life examples of best practices for Academic-Pharma/Biotech collaboration. We will illustrate examples from both Large Pharma and Biotech Start-up companies.


Career Development Seminar Series: Advancing Well - Building Resilience and Well-being in the CT Workforce

This 2-hour interactive session focuses on building resilience in yourself and your trainees. We will provide practical tips on how to lead in times of uncertainty and how to foster resilience in the workforce.

Tagged: career development , clinical trial workforce

Career Development Seminar Series: Design Thinking for Innovation

During this 2-hour session, we introduce the principles of design thinking as well as give examples of how and why it is being used today.


Career Development Seminar Series: Leadership and Team Building - The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable.

Participants will learn about Patrick Lencioni’s widely distributed team-building model outlined in The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team: A fable.

Tagged: career development , team management

Career Development Seminar Series: Leveraging Racial Equity Data in Research

This webinar discusses leveraging racial data, in research, with equity-minded intentionality.

Tagged: equity , race

Career Development Seminar Series: NIH Loan Repayment Programs: The Why and the How

This 60-minute session covers the process of applying for an NIH Loan Repayment Award in a brief didactic. A panel of recent award recipients from Keck and CHLA with then discuss their experiences applying.


Career Development Seminar Series: Rapport with Time

In this 2-hour workshop, participants reflect on professional time management, developing personal systems for time and boundary control through activities and discussions, and exploring strategies for better management.


Career Development Seminar Series: Transgender Health

The transgender community faces systemic barriers to health care access, which leads to increased health disparities. Join your colleagues to discuss how to create a more affirming, welcoming environment in research and care.


Regulatory Science Series (2013)

Six lecturers provide in-depth reviews of the federal FDA and other regulations and guidelines that govern all aspects of clinical and translational research on new drugs and biomedical devices.

Tagged: device development , drug development , regulatory science , responsible conduct of research

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