University of Southern California -PhD Program in Neuroscience; University of Southern California-BA 2008 Neuroscience


Natalie is currently a PhD Candidate in the Neuroscience Graduate Program. Natalie is conducting her graduate research in Dr. Michael Jakowec's lab investigating the molecular mechanisms regulating synaptic function and neuroplasticity in the basal ganglia in an attempt to further elucidate the mechanisms driving pathological changes in neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson's disease. Before beginning her doctoral training at USC, Natalie completed her bachelor's in Neuroscience with minors in Natural Science and Gerontology at USC. As an undergraduate, Natalie worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator at the Urological Sciences Research Foundation (USRF) assisting with the management of two clinical research studies. Natalie then worked for several years as an Associate Project Manager at Advanced Brain Monitoring (ABM), a biotech company in Carlsbad, CA. At ABM, Natalie worked primarily on research projects investigating neurophysiological correlates of skill acquisition.

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