Announcing CTSA-IP

A web-based intellectual property search engine that aggregates and promotes technologies.

May 08, 2014

Intended to encourage research collaborations and private partnerships, CTSA-IP is a Web-based intellectual property search engine that aggregates and promotes technologies from Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) Consortium institutions and NIH.

The goal of CTSA-IP is to enhance research activity and facilitate private partnerships across the CTSA consortium. Originally designed as a way to collect licensing and technology transfer information on a single website, CTSA-IP is now much broader and features interactive elements that provide users with technology-specific alerts. The site allows users to search for technologies related to common and rare diseases and provides links to publicly available licensing opportunities at CTSA institutions.

The University of Rochester Clinical and Translational Science Institute built the original CTSA-IP database with input from the CTSA consortium to expand the tool. It continues to evolve as a collaboration tool, linking to other platforms and initiatives. For more information, visit the CTSA-IP website.

NIH Funding Acknowledgment: Important - All publications resulting from the utilization of SC CTSI resources are required to credit the SC CTSI grant by including the NIH funding acknowledgment and must comply with the NIH Public Access Policy.