New SC CTSI educational video on submitting a grant application and activating clinical studies at USC

An educational video for emerging researchers provides info on designing research studies, applying for grant funding, and navigating institutional processes.

November 08, 2019

The SC Clinical and Translational Science Institute (SC CTSI) has recently created a new educational video designed to help researchers and their staff learn about the institutional process for submitting a grant application and activating clinical study at USC.

April Armstrong, MD, MPH

In this video, Dr. April Armstrong, Associate Dean for Clinical Research at the Keck School of Medicine and the Director of Clinical Research Support at the SC CTSI, provides information about some common processes that pertain to researchers who are designing their own research study, planning to apply for grant funding, or trying to navigate institutional policies for starting up a study at USC.

Dr. Armstrong  explains how to submit an investigator-initiated human subjects research proposal for funding, introduces common funding agencies for non-industry and industry funded studies, discusses what happens when a grant application is funded, and explains the initial steps required to activate a study. She also discusses the various offices at USC that are integral to the start-up, operations and maintenance of clinical research studies such as the Institutional Review Board, the Department of Contracts and Grants, and the Clinical Trials Office.

Click here to watch the educational video on clinical research processes. 

For additional resources pertaining to clinical research budgeting and contracting, submission and study start-up, visit the Keck School of Medicine’s clinical trial page.

If you’re looking for more educational content, please visit the SC CTSI’s YouTube page where we also have a library of videos on topics such as participant recruitment, crowdfunding, dissemination of study results using social media, digital scholarship, and more.

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