SC CTSI Improves REDCap Resource for Database Collection and Management

SC CTSI recently upgraded to REDCap version 6.1.4 which comes with a number of new features and improvements.

October 30, 2014

The upgrade to REDcap version 6.1.4 was completed on October 25th, 2014. Below are some new features introduced in this update.

The Survey Queue

  • The Survey Queue displays a list of surveys to a participant all on a single page, in which the queue comprises all surveys that are to be completed (like a "to-do" list) as well as the surveys that the participant has already completed.
  • Surveys can be set to appear in the Survey Queue based upon the following conditions: 1) if the participant has completed a particular survey, and/or 2) if certain conditions are met based upon data values (similar to branching logic).
  • If any surveys have been activated for the Survey Queue, they will be displayed to the participant after completing a survey (displayed below the survey acknowledgement text on the page). Using conditional logic in the Survey Queue can be very powerful because, similar to how one may use branching logic to show or hide certain questions, a user may use conditional logic in the Survey Queue to show or hide whole surveys. For example, if the first survey asks if the participant is male or female, the user may use conditional logic to display a survey specific to males versus displaying a survey specific to females.

Data Exports, Reports, and Stats module

  • This new module allows users to create or edit reports, view reports, export all data in the project, export data for a given report, view the descriptive statistics and data plots for a given report, and perform other kinds of exports (e.g., PDF export of all records/all fields, ZIP file export of all uploaded files for all records).

Survey Login

  • Survey administrators can now provide improved security their surveys with a survey login form, in which respondents will be required to enter some login credentials in order to begin a survey or (if the "Save & Return Later" feature is enabled) to return to a previously entered survey response.

Ability for survey respondents to return and modify *completed* responses

  • In previous versions, once a survey was fully completed, the respondent could not return to make any further edits. But now, this new survey option will allow respondents to return after they have fully completed the survey.
  •  Once enabled, a respondent will be able to return to their response and make any edits to it even if they have fully completed the survey.

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