Video Series Helps Graduate Students Apply For NIH Pre-Doctoral Grants

It's much more helpful when you're hearing from a peer.

March 20, 2014

This video series helps doctoral students get additional training in fields related to their core focus and apply for an NIH National Research Service Award (NRSA, F31). 

The sub-sections have names based on sections of an NRSA application, such as, "Research and Related Forms" and "PHS Fellowship-Specific Components."

"It's much more helpful when you're hearing from a peer who has gone through the process recently and understands the sticking points." - USC's Jamaica Rettberg.

News of the series spread even to the NIH, where officials were similarly impressed – and welcoming. "This is the first tutorial focused on NRSAs by someone who has been through that process that I have ever seen, and it was excellent," said Dr. Molly Wagster, Rettberg's NIH program officer.

"So You Want to Apply for an NRSA." Watch the video series now

The series was developed by USC's Jamaica Rettberg, an SC CTSI TL1 scholar and PhD candidate; Gary San Angel, Distance Education Specialist, Media Technology; and the SC CTSI Education, Career Development, and Ethics program.

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