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BERD core group offers multiple research services to investigators

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SC CTSI-Supported USC Scientist to Study Physical Gait Rehabilitation and Brain Health in New NIA K Grant Award

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SC CTSI pilot awardee successfully funded to study how virtual reality can prevent cognitive decline

A large study conducted by USC assistant professor Judy Pa shows that living a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's or other dementia, even if you have a genetic risk.

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Health and the Built Environment: A USC Professor of Architecture Sheds Light on the Role of Light in Dementia Care Communities

An SC CTSI-supported pilot showed that "biologically meaningful" levels of light may ease depression symptoms for dementia patients living in long-term care communities. Implications of the research could contribute to the design of healthier buildings for everyone.

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Meta-analysis by USC Researchers Shows Severe Eczema Associated with Increased Risk of Suicide

The unexpected findings suggest that people with bad cases of the common skin condition are 36 percent more likely to attempt suicide, suggesting heightened focus by dermatology providers on related psychiatric concerns.

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SC CTSI-Supported Study Shows How Exercise Affects the Health of Latina Breast Cancer Survivors

Out of the 475 exercise studies, fewer than a dozen focused on a minority population.

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SC CTSI-Supported Pilot Suggests Promise of Testosterone Supplementation to Enhance Recovery from Knee Surgery

Surgical repair of the knee's anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) may lead to long term loss of strength and other impacts. The study opened a new avenue of investigation into the potential of the muscle-building hormone to help ACL patients get back in the game.

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Smartphone App Developed by USC Health Communication Researchers Boosts Healthy Eating in Families

Inadequate consumption of vegetables and fruits is one of America's core health challenges, and is particularly acute among low-income families who have traditionally lacked access to these fresh foods. Although billions of dollars worth of groceries are distributed free through community food pantries, household cooks often lack the kitchen skills and recipes needed to transform fresh produce into meals their kids and families will like.

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