Digital Scholar Webinar: Finding and Accessing Publicly Available Datasets

During this 60-minute webinar we will talk about resources for searching for publicly available datasets, and the process for registering and accessing government data using the National Survey on Drug Use and Health as a model.

Tagged: data management , data collection and analysis

Digital Scholar Webinar: HIV and STI Protection through UBESAFE - Geofencing, Contextualized Messages, and Gamification

Join our 60-min webinar on UBESAFE app: Learn smartphone alerts based on context, gamification for engagement.


Digital Scholar Webinar: Power - Modern Clinical Trial Marketplace

This 60-minute webinar discusses how Power's clinical trial marketplace platform improves patient recruitment by enabling direct connections between patients, sites, and sponsors through a patient-centric, continuous collaboration model, moving away from traditional top-down, vendor-based campaigns.


Digital Scholar Webinar: Word Frequencies Reveal Racial Differences in Clinical Documentation, But Not Their Causes

Half The Picture: Word Frequencies Reveal Racial Differences in Clinical Documentation, But Not Their Causes

Tagged: clinical research , disparities in research , research , race

Digital Scholar Webinar: Best Practices for Establishing an Effective Online Presence

Learn strategies for promoting your research, publications, conference talks and other efforts.

Tagged: social media/internet research , online profile building

Digital Scholar Webinar: Breaking Down (Brick) Walls: Switching to Remote, Virtual, & Decentralized Clinical Trials

In this 60-minute webinar, Dr. Tenaerts presents the work of the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI) and discusses two main topics regarding digital clinical trials: (1) moving ongoing trials to remote and (2) planning for decentralized trials.

Tagged: clinical trials , clinical trial design

Digital Scholar Webinar: Registration and Reporting Requirements

This 60-minute webinar covers the basic requirements for registration and results reporting requirements in

Tagged: research

Digital Scholar Webinar: Digital Tools for Scaled-Up Qualitative Research

Explore the rationale behind this approach and witness its practical application through empirical examples.

Tagged: research , qualitative research

Digital Scholar Webinar: Effective Research Writing - Getting Started and Tips for Successful Collaborations

During this 60-minute webinar, we feature a panel of six productive scholars, ranging from graduate students to professors, who offer tips and strategies for effective research writing.

Tagged: collaboration , medical writing

Digital Scholar Webinar: Effectively Utilizing Video in Research

Effectively utilizing video can be a challenge as you attempt to communicate specific ideas to your intended audience. This 60-minute webinar explores how video can elevate the presentation of your findings.

Tagged: dissemination of science , technology , clinical research , research

Digital Scholar Webinar: Getting Started with Dedoose for Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research

This 60-minute webinar will give you an orientation to Dedoose, a qualitative and mixed methods data analysis application. Join Dedoose's Director of Academic Engagement, Dr. Sara Grummert, as she walks you through Dedoose and its collaborative functionality.


Digital Scholar Webinar: Getting to Outcomes: Supporting Implementation of Evidence-Based Programs

This presentation will summarize the Getting to Outcomes approach and its research. In addition, the presentation will show how digital tools have been used to support community organizations.

Tagged: clinical evidence

Digital Scholar Webinar: Giving Back: Strategies for Effectively Communicating Results Back to Research Participants

Digital Scholar Webinar: Giving Back: Strategies for Effectively Communicating Results Back to Research Participants

Tagged: community engagement , research participant recruitment , research

Digital Scholar Webinar: Online Teaching Practices Buffet: Tools, Strategies, and Materials for a More Inclusive Online Class

In this webinar, you will learn to identify at least one new strategy applicable to online teaching, plan at least one course update to make your online course more inclusive and access customizable recommended materials for course inclusivity.

Tagged: career development , technology , academia

Digital Scholar Webinar: Open Reproducible Research – Challenges and Opportunities

This presentation introduces basic concepts and issues around reproducibility. It will then provide an overview of existing tools that help researchers publish open reproducible research and which aspects users should consider when selecting the right tool for the own work.

Tagged: research methodology , research

Digital Scholar Webinar: Recruiting Research Participants Online Using Reddit

​This 50-minute presentation introduces r/SampleSize, a community on the website Reddit that allows for online participant recruitment without compulsory or immediate payment. It will provide an overview of best practices for recruiting participants on r/SampleSize. It will also compare r/SampleSize to Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk), a widely used crowdsourcing platform for recruiting research participants.

Tagged: research participant recruitment , clinical trial recruitment

Digital Scholar Webinar: Social and Environmental Determinants of Health (SEDoH) in Clinical Informatics

This 60-minute session informs attendees how social and environmental factors act as determinants of patients’ health.

Tagged: informatics , clinical research informatics

Digital Scholar Webinar: Social Media as a Platform for Health Behavior Change

Social media as a platform for health behavior change: lessons learned from the CAN Quit (Connecting Alaska Native People to Quit Smoking) study

Tagged: scientific communication , social media/internet research , reputation management

Digital Scholar Webinar: Transparent, Open, and Reproducible Research

This webinar will introduce open science to a clinical and translational research audience. It will begin by introducing the opportunities and challenges motivating the wider open science movement, such as accelerating scientific discovery, broadening access to scientific knowledge, and irreproducibility. It will then provide an overview of core open science practices for health researchers to adopt. Lastly, it will overview actions other key stakeholders in the scientific ecosystem can take to support open science.

Tagged: research

Disseminating scientific research via Twitter: Practical insights and research evidence

This webinar will provide an overview of using Twitter to reach peers and non-specialist groups, the relationship between tweets and citations, and provide tips for building an academic Twitter presence.

Tagged: scientific communication , dissemination of science , online profile building

Effective Use of Academic and Social Media Networks for Endorsing your Publication

This webinar will give a detailed overview of the recommended strategies for effective research promotion on academic and social media platforms and optimizing visibility of the published articles.

Tagged: scientific communication

Introducing Figshare, a Free Repository where Researchers Can Make all of Their Research Outputs Available in a Citable, Shareable and Discoverable Manner

This webinar will (1) introduce the platform, (2) showcase examples of successful data sharing and its impact, and (3) explain how to best use it for sharing knowledge more quickly and effectively, and for building an online research profile.

Tagged: scientific communication , dissemination of science , collaboration , online profile building

MedEdPORTAL, a Peer-Reviewed Journal and Online Resource for Teaching and Learning Resources

This webinar will introduce a MEDLINE-indexed, open-access journal that allows researchers to leverage existing digital educational materials from other institutions and to get scholarly credit for those materials they share.

Tagged: scientific communication , dissemination of science , collaboration

Using alternative scholarly metrics to showcase the impact of your research: An introduction for researchers

Scholarship is increasingly being created, disseminated, and measured on digital and social platforms. If Twitter exchanges, Facebook “saves,” and YouTube hits are the new metrics for tracking scholarship, how are we measuring societal and educational impact and outreach? How can researchers display their research impact using social media on promotion and tenure dossiers? This webinar will discuss altmetrics, alternative scholarly metrics that measure the impact and use of scholarship.

Tagged: scientific communication , dissemination of science , research impact measurement

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